Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What I'm Reading - Expositional Preaching

Helm, David. Expositional Preaching. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2014.

Expositional Preaching is a small book (only 128 pages) but contains a generous portion of pratical advice for preachers. Below are a few of my favourite quotes from the book.
...contextualization in preaching is communicating the gospel message in ways that are understandable or appropriate to the listener's cultural context. In other words, contextualization is concerned with us and now. it is committed to relevance and application for today... (p. 16).
...the preacher is bound to miss the mark of biblical exposition when he allows the context he is trying to win for Christ control the Word he speaks of Christ (p. 17).
Exegesis is not enough. Done in isolation, exegesis alone can lead to preaching that is either overly intellectual or merely imperatival (p. 57).
While a healthy gospel ministry is always textually drive, it must be contextually informed (v. 87).
...the people are the point! (p. 89).
...those whom Jesus sets apart to proclaim the gospel are those who demonstrate their love for him by loving his church! (p. 90).
Preachers cannot be too simple. We need clarity (p. 98).
Two practical steps can help us with clarity:
State the Text's Theme
Articulate the Author's Aim (p. 99).
When it comes to application, the first thing to be said is that biblical expositors aim for a change of heart. We are not merely looking to apply God's truths to the minds of our listeners, as important as that work is (p. 102).
I'd give this book a 3 out of 5. It's not a top 10 book on preaching, in my opinion, but it's contains some helpful nuggets...and it's a quick read.

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