Monday, February 1, 2010

The Gospel of Grace

Part 3 of a series through Galatians

Text: Galatians 1:11-24

Paul gives us three truths about the gospel:
  1. The gospel of grace is from God (vv. 11-12). Paul's gospel was not an invention (his brain had not fabricated it). It was not a tradition (the church had not handed it down to him). It was a revelation (God made it known to him). The gospel is not something man would come up with: (1) it is offensive to the pride of man, and (2) it is foolish to the mind of man.
  2. The gospel of grace changes lives (vv. 13-14, 22-23). Those who try to reach God my religion (Paul's former way of life) say, "I obey--therefore I am accepted by God." Those who have experienced the grace of God say, "I am accepted by God through faith in Christ--therefore I obey."
  3. The gospel of grace leads to ministry (vv. 15-16). A believer's life should consist of three parts: (1) former way of life, (2) conversion, and (3) present calling.

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