Monday, October 26, 2009

God's Message of Encouragement

Part 2 of Haggai

The people were discouraged. The temple they were building seemed to be nothing compared to Solomon's glorious temple. So God sent them a message of encouragement through the prophet Haggai.
  1. "Be strong" (2:1-5a). Why? Because of God's presence: (a) the almighty God is with us; (b) the unchanging God is with us; (c) the faithful God is with us.
  2. "Do not fear" (2:5b-9). Why? Because of God's plan: (a) the kingdom is coming; (b) the King is coming; (c) glory is coming; (d) peace is coming.
Because of God's presence and plan, we can live with unshakeable strength and courage!


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